Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

TXRF is a micro analytical tool, which allows for elemental determination (ppb to sub ppb DLs) in minute amounts of samples e.g. m < 10µg, V < 10µL. TXRF is cost efficient and easy to maintain, favorable for monitoring environmental contaminants all over the world and in "in house" research where numbers of identical samples are in general low. It is especially valuable if sample material is limited or precious e.g. cultural heritage, aerosols, nanoparticles and proteins. To determine oxidation states of elements the X-ray absorption near edge fine structure (XANES) can be analyzed.

Our focus lies on advancing analytical performance of TXRF by understanding fundamental aspects (shading, morphology) overcoming critical limitations. Doing this, we work together with the Atominstitut, Vienna.


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