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About our Institute

From the very beginning general chemistry with focus on inorganic and analytical chemistry was taught at the former "Bergakademie Clausthal".

In 1928 a new chemistry building at Paul-Ernst-Str. 4 was opened. Today the working group of Prof. Adam/Dr. Gjikaj (Solid State and Coordination Chemistry) is located in this building. Another location is at Arnold-Sommerfeld-Str. 4, where Prof. Fittschen (Material Analysis and Functional Solid Matter) started her work in 2017.

Historic figures who worked at our institute are Prof. Küster, who published a volume on logarithmic calculations in chemistry, which were widely used before calculators and computers found their way into chemistry. Nowadays Prof. Schwedt is known for his work in analytical chemistry and his books on this topic. Also he published lots of books filled with experiments with everyday materials for children and school students.

Our institute is visited by over 200 school students each year, who work in our labs. Lots of them come back later to start their studies at Clausthal University of Technology. Beside the chemistry students we also teach every year a couple of hundred students from engineering studies in general chemistry.

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